Monetizing Your List

Courses, Products, & Books, Oh My

With a pruned list, full of engaged and waiting Subscribers, you’re ready for your next endeavor.

Here are three things that you can walk your list toward purchasing, while also providing that value content that they’ve come to enjoy.

Not sure if your list is engaged? Check out this article first.


Take something you’ve taught your audience, and dive in even deeper. Break it out into a course, and offer it to your list for purchase. Not sure where to start with building a course? That’s okay- we have you covered!

New Product

Launching a new product to your list is much easier when they are engaged and ready. One way to prep your list is to begin mentioning your product launch in advance, as a “P.S.” to a Newsletter or other type of Broadcast. As your launch date approaches, feel free to begin talking about it more and more. Offering an ‘early bird’ purchase option can also be a great idea.

How to create a timeline for a successful product launch


Maybe you’ve been gathering information, experience, and ideas for awhile now, and you’re ready to write your first book. Whether that’s a self-publishing journey, or one that takes you to a publisher, this can be something great to offer an engaged list! Remember, there will always be someone who knows less about a subject than you do.

Teach them everything you know! 

Writing and publishing a book can be more intimidating than a lot of things. In case you need a little extra support, we’ve published some fabulous guidelines for this process.

Get your book published