Can I reactivate my subscriber?

Sometimes Subscribers will show as Cancelled or Bounced, and you need to understand how to "uncancel" them, or reactivate them. 

There are 5 different types of statuses that a Subscriber will fall under, within your account

4 of those types prevent Subscribers from receiving emails from you:

 CancelledBounced, Unconfirmed, and Complained.

No action is taken taken on these  types of subscribers, and we don't have a feature to reactivate those subscribers. 

When you can reactivate a Cancelled Subscriber 

Reactivating a Subscriber requires a request from the Subscriber themselves. (Otherwise, reactivating a cancelled Subscriber would be considered unethical.) If the Subscriber has let you know that they'd like to be added back to your list, then you're ready to proceed! 

We understand there are use-cases where someone accidentally unsubscribed, or maybe the initial issue that caused a bounce has been fixed. For these one-off cases,  you can always reach out to us to help you with reactivating a subscriber!