Create a "Segment or Scrub" sequence

When you move over to ConvertKit, you may want to clean your list up a little bit and make sure the people on it are engaging with your content.
If you have been with us for at least 90 days, then this is for you! If not, we suggest waiting a bit longer, until you reach that timeframe. 

You can normally do this with the cold subscribers filter, but if you just signed up the data isn't available yet. That's where the Segment or Scrub" sequence is really useful.

This also works great for your regular cold subscriber filter if you want to give them a few more options before deleting. 

Create a Cold Subscriber Re-engagement Workflow

You can even copy our cold subscriber automation workflow to your account with just a click! Here it is!

A few notes if you copy the workflow...

  1. There are a few notes of help text in the sequences. DELETE THEM 😬
  2. Add in your own topic, goals, and name to the sequence emails.
  3. Replace the links with your own link triggers. You can use the tags that will be added to your account from the workflow. Here's how to create a link trigger.

Watch this video to see the entire process in action