The Basics

A Collection of ConvertKit FAQ's

If I send one broadcast to two different forms, what happens if the same person is on both forms? Do they get it twice?

ConvertKit will automatically handle duplicates and make sure that the same person won't receive two broadcasts. Unless they signed up with two different email addresses, then we don't know they are the same person.

How do I find out the number of subscribers that overlap between two forms or sequences?

You can actually look at the recipient count when creating a segment or broadcast to see how much overlap there is. To do that, manually add together the counts of your two sources. Let's say Form A has 500 and Form B has 300. So your total number is 800.

Then create a new segment or broadcast and select both Form A and Form B as sources. ConvertKit will give you a recipient count. This is the total number of  unique recipients. Let's say it's 650 recipients.

Subtract that number from the total you added up earlier (800) and you have the number of people that overlap between both forms. In our example that would be 150 subscribers.

I don't want to have to check boxes for every form each time I want to send a broadcast. Is there a way I can save a list or segment?

Yes. We have a feature called Segments where you can select a group of forms or sequences once and save it for later. Then each time you want to send a broadcast you can just select that segment and you're ready to go.

My emails are going to spam. What should I do?

The first step is to check the content of your email. There are all kinds of words and phrases you can use that will trigger spam filters.

Use one of these services to check the spam score of your email content:

If your email scores poorly, change your content to follow the advice. If it passes just fine, get in touch with our support team and we'll take a look.

I set up an automation to add subscribers to a sequences when they are tagged. I just tagged my subscribers, but the automation didn't run.

Automations are triggered on subscriber action, or through a rule, or bulk action. This means that, whether importing, through a rule, or bulk action, if the tag is the first node of the Visual Automation, subs will flow into the Visual Automation! 

Can I customize my unsubscribe page?

Not right now, sorry!

What does "auto-confirm new members" mean?

The "auto-confirm new members" checkbox makes it so the incentive / confirmation email is still sent (so they can download their PDF, video, etc), but they are auto-confirmed whether they click the link or not, enabling single opt-in.

How can I edit my email templates?

You can access your templates on your Account page, or using this link (you'll need to be logged in first):

You'll notice you can't edit the templates directly, but you can copy the code from any template and page it into a new custom template to make changes.

I tried to embed a video into my email but it didn't work.

Unfortunately, we don't support video in our emails. Most email providers don't like it! Instead, we recommend you take a screenshot from your video, and make your image a link to your video.

What do the icons on subscriber profiles mean?

Half-circle: Delivered. This means ConvertKit successfully delivered the email, but your subscriber hasn't opened it yet.

Blue circle: Opened. This means your subscriber opened the email.

Blue circle with a smaller circle inside: Clicked. This means your subscriber clicked at least one link in your email.

Yellow circle icon: Dropped. This usually happens if:

  1. Our system receives a 'bounce' from the email
  2. The subscriber manually marks your email as SPAM
  3. Your emails get blacklisted by an ISP for some reason
  4. The email address is just plain invalid (i.e. somebody typed it in wrong on the optin form)

How do I access my landing page URL?

If you click "view" at the top of the landing page editor, it will take you to a live URL, which you can copy and paste from the URL bar.

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