Automation Blueprints: Use Automation When Selling a Product.

Our Automation rules are really powerful, particularly when applied to a sales funnel. I'll walk you through a Blueprint of exactly how you can set up an evergreen, automated sales funnel for a product.

Build your Sequence.

Create a Sequence designed to sell your product. For my product, my Mastermind Meeting Notes Template, it starts with a blog post and a content upgrade, a Hotseat Prep Template. If someone opts in and downloads the Hotseat Prep Template, they are added to my Mastermind Meeting Notes Template Sequence.

Use the default Sequence as your guide when building a brand new Pitch Sequence. You should balance your selling with educational and useful content.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 13.25.47

Track interested subscribers.

Share a link trigger to your sales page in your Sequence. Any subscriber that clicks will get a "Product-Interest" tag.

1. Create your Link Trigger.

This will be a link to your sales page, that you will share in your emails. I'm going to use my Mastermind Meeting Notes Template as an example.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.24.54

The Destination URL is a link to my sales page, and the Name is the internal name so that it's easy for me to insert this Link Trigger into an email later. I add the tag "(I) Mastermind Meeting Notes" so I know it's a subscriber interested in my product.

2. Add your Link Trigger to your Email. 

Once your Link Trigger is created, you want to add it to your Email. Whether you're sending a Broadcast announcing the product, or a funnel specifically designed to sell your product, the process is the same.


3. Track the interest. 

I use the above process in a Sequence, designed to sell this product. Now, as the Sequence goes out and subscribers are clicking, they'll be added to the Interest tag.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.43.42

Remove customers from any pitch content.

To track purchases in ConvertKit, add a tag when a customer makes a purchase. Remove them from the "Product-Interest" tag, and from any Sequences pitching the product they've already purchased.

1. Set up a Purchase Automation. 

Continuing to use my Mastermind Template as an example, I want to set up an automation so that whenever someone buys the template, they are added to a tag.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.48.18

Note: I am using Gumroad, so this function is built into the ConvertKit Automations. Visit our Integrations page for instructions on how to set this up for your commerce platform.

So every time someone buys my template, they are added to the tag "(C) Mastermind Meeting Notes."

2. Exclude customers from the sales funnel. 

As I mentioned above, I have a Sequence designed to sell this product. But I don't want to send this Sequence to subscribers that have already purchased! So I need to exclude this Customers tag from my Sequence.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.53.20

Now, no matter what point there were at in the Sequence, they won't receive anymore pitch emails.

3. Remove them from the Interest tag. 

When a subscriber purchases my product, I also want to remove them from the Interest tag. That way, my Interest tag is always up to date, and I won't send any further pitches to my customers.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.59.24

Automated Upsell.

Add a customer to a new Sequence, designed to upsell add-ons to your product.

I have an upcoming ebook about Masterminds, and I know my current Mastermind Template customers are interested in the topic. So when they purchase, I want to add them to the presell Sequence.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 12.16.54

I don't want to overwhelm my customers with offers, so I would not start this Sequence right away, I would wait a couple days before sending the first email.

Your Upsell Sequence doesn't need to be another product, it can be add-ons to your product, like a bonus guide or a coaching call.


In an automated sales funnel like I've outlined above, you can add a downsell email as one of your Pitch Sequence emails.